We Boost Urban Mobility. Together.

Always electrified - with XOO

Electromobility is the future, especially in the city. But charging stations are often missing or occupied.

XOO offers an efficient charging infrastructure for all electric vehicles – from private cars to rented scooters – and redefines the use of limited space. Our accessible network fits perfectly into your everyday life. No searching, no waiting times.

Take the next step towards a sustainable future with us. Urban shopping that enriches.

Mobility For All

XOO is the first charging point where we take center stage.

At last I can charge my cargo bike on the street and don't have to carry the batteries up to the fourth floor. A Game-Changer!

I prefer to do my shopping on my e-bike. Charging is now even easier with XOO!"

When I charge my rental scooter at the XOO, I also get free minutes from my provider. This makes sharing really fun!

I can drive the last mile comfortably on the scooter and no longer get any parking tickets. Great!"

I can charge at a lamppost without having to re-park? Why wasn't electromobility always so easy?"

XOOlution: The Future of urban charging

The XOO charging network creates real change. It is the easiest way to bring electromobility to the city.

An XOO is suitable for any type of electric vehicle – whether electric car, scooter, e-bike, cargo bike or kick scooter.

Thanks to its compact shape, an XOO can be mounted anywhere, be it on a house wall, in an underground garage, on a pole or a street lamp. It integrates seamlessly into the cityscape and requires no additional floor space.

Our XOO charging network facilitates the switch to electric mobility. Our innovative approach does not require the reallocation of parking spaces or restrictions on parking times. This is good for everyone – for the city, its citizens and the environment.

Electromobility and mobility alternatives are becoming more accessible, cheaper and more flexible thanks to XOO charging network. In a city of 800,000 people, an XOO charging network saves approx. 1000 tons of CO2 annually. Good for us, good for the environment!

Everyone can benefit with XOO

Bye bye battery swap

Did you know that your fleet operator collects the batteries from sharing scooters in the city manually and charges them centrally in one place? This makes the system expensive - and the ride on the scooter too. With XOO you save money - and get lots of free minutes at the same time.

XOO turns the city into a stress-free charging oasis

Our XOO charging points make charging electric cars easier than ever. No more constant re-parking or time restrictions - charge wherever you need to. We use the latest charging technology and flexible payment methods.

Advertising close to the people

Experience more with XOO: Our charging stations not only provide you with energy, but also with the latest offers and information - directly on the integrated display. In this way, we support a vibrant, networked community and contribute to improving urban mobility.

XOO for location partners

The rapid expansion of our XOO charging networks is only possible with your support! Become part of XOO and benefit from the countless possibilities.

Better mobility for guests, customers or staff? Your own fleet? Why not! With XOO you have a reliable partner.

We offer attractive compensation for property owners who provide space for scooters and/or cars and want to make your neighborhood more sustainable and mobile.

For neighborhood developers, we offer holistic solutions for mobility hubs. Our innovative charging points enable the automatic operation of shared mobility services.

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